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The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky was established in 1888. The monument was built at the request of a progressive city and community donations. Hetman figure on horseback (sculptor M. J. Mikeshin) installed on a granite pedestal (architect V. Nikolayev) in the center square. Bogdan left hand restrains hot horse, right from the hetman's mace points north, toward Moscow. But because of that, supposedly, you associate with Muscovy, and from that arose before the sculptor important question: horse tail Khmelnytsky was not supposed to point to Sofia on Michael's Cathedral or Prysutstvenni place. Therefore, sculpture and set.
Bogdan Khmelnitsky Square - witness many important events. At the beginning of the century it held rallies and demonstrations of working people, students, and intellectuals. Yes, February 25 (9 March) 1914 was held a demonstration to protest the king's government decision to ban the celebration of 100 anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. Historical area passed in review of the Red Army after the treacherous capture of Kyiv with the third attempt in February 1919. Hence the fighters were sent to fight against Denikin. In November 1943, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Square gathered people saved from German occupation of Kyiv, to welcome the soldiers winners.