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Architects I. Strom, P. Sparro an A. Beretti participated in the design of the cathedral. The construction works were supervised by architect V. Nikolayev. It is a cruciform, three-aisled, six-pier, three-apse church. The central dome on a tall drum crowns the crossing, four smaller stands diagonally to the central one. Two more domes on the west front serve as belfries. The architectural-plastic solution o the form is based on motifs of Old Russ and Byzantine architecture, in the channel of retrospective tendencies of the latter half of the 19th c. Of great artistic value is the cathedral interior decorated under the guidance of Professor A. Prakhov. Famous artists, including V. Vashetsov, M. Nesterov, M Pymonenko and M. Vrubel, made interior paintings. The cathedral is a fine specimen of church architecture of Ukraine in the late 19th c.