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Modern Europeiska square has changed its name 7 times, since its foundation back in the 19th century. It was first called Konnaya square, then Teatralnaya square and Tsarskaya square, later - square of 3rd International, Stalina square, square of Leninski Komsomol. After Ukraine gained Independence in 1991, the historical name was returned to the square - Europeiska (European) square.
At the beginning of the 19th century the square was called Konnaya square (Horse square), because horse trades took place here. After the construction of the new city theater was completed, the square was renamed into Teatralnaya (Theater) sqaure. In 1851 city theater was demolished, and on its place architect A.Beretti built a house for hotel "Europeiskiy" ("European"). At that point, the square was renamed again, this time into Europeiskaya square.
In 1880 on the spot of today‘s hotel "Dnipro" house of Slavyansky‘s choir was contructed. The building has not survived until today due to heave damages in 1941. In 1882 what is now Kiev philharmonic society was opened in a newly constructed hall across the square. Back then, it was the place for club meetings of Kiev merchants. In 1911 the square was renamed into Tsarskaya square, because a monument to Emperor Aleksandr II was built here. The stairs of this monument have remained until today, now they lead to a beautiful panorama platform under the arch.
After Ukraine became a part of the Soviet state, Europeiskaya square was first renamed into the square of the 3-rd International, in 1944 - Stalin‘s square, in 1961 - Leninski Komsomol square. Finally, in 1991, when Ukraine became independent, the square got its historical name back. Now it is Europeiska square, and not everybody knows that this has nothing to do with Europe or the European Union, but rather reminds of a hotel with a 120-years-long history, which used to stand here until 1978.
In 1982 on the spot where the hotel used to stand, museum of Lenin was opened. It is now Ukrainian House - a conference and museum hall. Europeiskaya square is also famous, because in 1892 here, for the first time in the Russian Empire and the second time in Europe, an electrical tram set off in its first regular journey. This tram route was dismantled in 1977, after 85 years in service.