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Borychiv Tik - one of the oldest streets in the Podolsk district of Kyiv.
Street runs from Borychiv descent to the Florivska street. This low-rise character of the estate remained after the fire early XIX century buildings, some houses which were taken on public records and classified as a monument of architecture and urban planning. Runs from Borychiv descent to the Frolivska  street. One of the oldest streets of Kyiv. Name - of the historic Borych area (Borych tract, ZBorychiv, Borych Hill, which, by some evidence, is an ancient name of St. Andrew's Mountains). For others. evidence of the name comes from the Old Rus government positions Mill (Biryuchiy), corresponding to current customs officials (as near Borychiv descent in ancient times was in customs). The word "Tik", according to one version - the abbreviated name "tolchka (bargaining) for another - cluster sources and streams that flowed from under the mountain. To Borychiv Tik binds with Ihorivska Street - St. Andrew - lane Zelinsky and Andrew's Descent.
Borychiv Tik by its modern lines occurred 1811 after a fire of Podil , which destroyed the wooden building and, according to witnesses and archival documents, "turned into ashes the better part of the city". Street was built at the hem re-planning by the architect V. Gesta. Podil was divided into rectangular blocks direct grid of streets .