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Church of St. Nicholas or St. Nicholas Church - one of two Roman Catholic churches that were built in Kiev. Located in the heart of the city on Vasylkovska street. The church was constructed in the years 1899-1909 and was built in Gothic style by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky, designed by S.V. Valovsky.
Young Kiev architect Gorodetsky, who has already shown himself as a talented artist, was there to guide the building process. On this site his talent of an architect, builder and an organiser came has shown up the most. The land was complicated, so was the construction of the temple, spilkes odf which were expected to risen above the city at 62 metres height. It was at this moment, that Gorodetsky proposed many curious engineering solutions, new to his time. The foundations were first in Europe decided to lie on cement piles - solution was given out by Kiev engineer A.Strauss. Sculptures were modeled by the most famous sculptor ever in the history of Kiev - E.Salya. Building in stylistic neo-gothic style with high spiles was finished in 1909.
In 1979 the restoration works began. It was planned to turn the former temple into the House of Chamber and Organ Music. After total destruction, this restoration, even if historically wrong, was like a ray of light in a dark prison. Sculptures, colored glass, other interior details were remodeled and reinstalled. Czech professionals assembled a miraculous organ.Nowadays, the question of giving the temple back to those who deserve it - the Catholics of Kiev - is far from solving. At the same time, organ concerts and catholic messes take place. The solution to the problem appears as that, dependant only on time.