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First City Theatre was built by Melensky in 1804 in the beginning of Khreschatyk, on the European (at that time – Kinna (Horse)) square. The theatre existed there until 1851.
The next city theatre was opened in 1856 in Kadetska (today – Bogdan Khmelnytsky street), on the corner of Volodymyrska street. The building was engineered by Academician of Architectural Sciences Shtrom. In this theatre such famous singers as Shaliapin, Solbinov, Nezhdanova, Battistini, Ruffo, drama actors Ira Oldridge, Sarah Bernar used to perform. Rachmaninov used to conduct in this theatre, Lysenko set his plays and operas, Tchaikovsky attended the premiers.
In 1896 the building caught fire and burnt down. As a result, in 1901 the new city theatre doors were opened to public. The building was designed in French Renaissance shapes by Academician of Architectural Sciences Schroeter. In March 1919 on the basis of the nationalized Russian Sate Opera House was Ukrainian Soviet Republic State Opera House rearranged and renamed. In 1926 it was renamed into Kiev Academic Opera House. Capital Opera and Ballet Theatre was opened in 134, since 139 it carries the name of Taras Shevchenko – famous Ukrainian poet and artist.
In 1991 the theatre was once again renamed, this time it was called Opera and Ballet Theatre of Ukraine.
Would be interesting to notice, that after the 1991 revolution the theatre was repainted into the original colors – beige and dark-green.