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Construction of this building was preceded by quite a tragic and violent events. According to his Alyoshin, written in 1956 famous architectural historian VE Yasyyevichem, the architect commissioned to design the building of national audience, is available plot of land between the streets Funduklei (now St.. Khmelnitskogo) and Nicholas Boulevard (now Blvd. Shevchenko). It was developed first draft, but the social storm had not passed a quiet, provincial Kyiv. In 1911 the Kiev Opera House was assassinated Prime Minister of the PA Stolypin. Building national audience was prohibited. But thanks to the support S. Mohylovtseva known patron of Kiev, which allocated 500 thousand rubles, the work of the architect is not lost for nothing. Mohylovtsev decided instead of "dangerous" folk audience build institution blahoprystoyno called "Pedagogical Museum.
The idea has satisfied the authorities, and work proceeded. Due to the fact that the museum tab A 30 June 1910, the birthday heir Alexis, he was given the name of Tsarevich Alexei. "
At the request Mohylovtseva, whose grandfather was a serf, the opening of the building was to be held during the celebration of 50 th anniversary of abolition of serfdom. Tue construction contractor renowned Kyiv LB Hynzburh and throughout the year all work was completed. The opening of the museum took place September 28, 1911
Until that date, fine jewelry Kiev IA Marshak prepared silver model of the building that now lies in the exposition of the State Historical Museum of Ukraine.
In the turbulent 1917, the building houses the Central Council, headed by MSGrushevsky. There was proclaimed 7 (20) November 1917 Ukrainian National Republic, and on the night of 24 on January 25, 1918 adopted the Universal IV of independence.
Since 1921 Proletarian Museum housed here from 1924 - Museum of the Revolution. In 1937 it was decided to establish Ukrainian branch of the Museum of Lenin, for that purpose it was decided to use this facility. Preliminary draft of expansion designed by architect A. Linetskym which offered facilities to prybuduvaty storey wing, which certainly distort the appearance of the building. After complaints to the Council of Ministers Alyoshin and issue a decision in the same summit, the architect again takes on the design.
His decision striking in its purity and brevity. Without changing its appearance from the street. Vladimirskaya, building nearly twice the increase in areas. If the building had previously U-shaped plan, then the project of reconstruction, it becomes cross-shaped, with patio (27.5 x 16.2 m). It fully meets the new museum features - so easier to solve the problem of the museum exposition. Now here is the teacher's house and a small museum of Education.