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Street Gorodetskogo (formerly Nicholas) first appeared on the map of Kyiv after the place of the former estate of Professor Mehring zaproektuvaly new quarters - the current street Gorodetskogo, Ol'gyns'ka, Zankovetska lane Stanislavsky and I.Franka square.
Street architect Gorodetsky is remarkable that, until the war itself has managed to keep intact the great palace architecture beginning of XX century. It does not unreasonably considered the center of life Kiev Bohemia.
"In Kiev - Bulgakov wrote in The White Guard" - opened the famous Theatre Purple negro "and the stately, white-am hamirlyvyy club" Ashes "(poets, artists, directors, writers) on Nicholas Street. A "stuff" meant the creative union of artists, writers, actors and musicians.
Here, in Nicholas Stree was the famous "Art Cellar", interior is decorated with original pictures of the artist Anatoly Petrytsky. In these walls, young Kurbas began his theatrical career with a brilliant instsenuvan poems by poets Kiev choral recitation "sculptural groups". But most poets roamed from one club, located mainly in the basement of the hotel "Continental". Among the creative young people in particular stood out while Ehrenburg, Smolich, Mandelstam, Ticino, Yaroshenko, Tereshchenko and others.
Film director Sergey Yutkevych described in detail in his memoirs logo "stuff" - a square sign with the image of flying somewhere, like Icarus, the man in ultramarine-blue and pink and silver space ". A poet Nikolai Ushakov said in his memoirs the following detail: "The stuff" served steak and wine. Poets requested that the audience is spoon on glasses rang. "The same situation prevailed in the" Clack "- literary and artistic Kiev club predecessor" stuff. "
Aforesaid association emerged during the Civil War. And, of course, not from scratch. At the corner of Nicholas and Merynhovskoyi (now Zankovetska) was kafeshantan "Apollo", where the creative elite. The hotel "Continental" stopped outstanding masters of the stage. The "mountain" in the theater Solovtsova, put Shakespeare's "Macbeth" at the bottom, one of the largest European circuses "Hyppo Palace Chaliapin sang. Fyodor Ivanovich close friends with the Kiev audience. Once the concert lasted until midnight. Served in Hyppo Palace and Leonid Sobinov.
Went under the arches and the Montmartre of Kiev Titto Ruffo, and Sarah Bernhardt and other foreign celebrities. A dizzying heights of the attic on everything that happened at their feet looked favorably gods of Olympus as Atlanta and stone caryatids. And today we still have the opportunity to admire the sculptures of ancient idols installed in the front of house number 9 (the first guild merchant belonged Ginzburg). But the war these statues were too high. They decorated colonnade hotel "Continental" (in a box rebuilt this building now housed the National Music Academy of Ukraine).
"Continental" is no more. In September 41 th the Germans pick a respectable house to place him in his headquarters. Probably because of the hotel adjacent to it a circus, one of the first raised in the air three terrible explosions. Power was that massive dome "Hyppo Palace was transferred to blast through the streets of the roadway. And in the arena, where most recently shining world "stars", black forest twisted valves. Burned and the building of entertainment facilities "Apollo". In other words, the cozy "little Florence" within hours turned into desert and sinister Pompei.