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Kiev "Mineral water". In 1834 in Kiev was established stock company production of artificial mineral waters. The idea was that not everyone was in his pocket to make a voyage of Pyatigorsk, Vichy and Carlsbad to drink mineral water. Companies are able to get from the government tidbit: with the permission of Tsar Nicholas I gave him half-burned in use among the luxurious royal palace garden. The upper, wooden floor of the palace was destroyed by accidental fire in 1819 even as the bottom, the stone could rebuild. Here and staged establishment of artificial mineral waters. Disposal were kurzal, a dozen bathrooms, storage for water supplies and even a small hotel for those who were closer to come to Kyiv instead of the Caucasus. And throughout "mineral season, which lasted from May to early September by strolling the garden paths royal fans "mineral water".
According to Alexander II's royal office mentioned that the sovereign in Kiev is some property. The building, decided to restore the king's visit, and after reconstruction in 1871 she appeared in a now well-known Mariinsky Palace. And for the establishment of artificial mineral waters highlighted another area with a poor wooden huts in the park near the European area. Society for some time afloat detained under energetic engineer from Galicia Basil Kachali. But over time manufacturing techniques useful drinks became widely available, in addition to Kyiv by the railway began to massively import real mineral water, pour into bottles.