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ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, 1747-1753. Kyiv .
Plays an important role in the architectural aspect of Andriivsky Descent, Podyl and the vertical composition of Kyiv. The church was constructed by architect I. Michurin to the design of B. Rastelli. In plan, the church is a cross with an elongated western arm and a semicircular apse on the east. Massive pylons on the corners of the cross terminate in elegant domes. The majestic central dome dominates the composition of the structure. A high two-storey substructure, the tier articulation of the main volume and its Baroque decor along with the pyramidal composition of five domes create an impression of lightness of forms and vertical dynamism. In the interior, the iconostasis arrests attention, a highly artistic specimen of carving and painting. Of great artistic value are icon paintings made by artists A. Antropov, H Levytsky and D Levytsky. The church is an outstanding masterpiece of Ukrainian architecture of the Baroque age.