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Monument to Prince Vladimir, Russia Christener - oldest sculptural monument of Kyiv, built in 1853.
Located in the park at Vladimir hill. Above the steep slope overlooking the Dnieper figure St. In the right hand of the prince holding a cross in the left - Sovereign cap. Pedestal made of brick and lined with cast iron. In shape pedestal resembles a chapel. High relief, placed on a pedestal of the monument to Vladimir, a scene depicting the baptism of Kyiv residents. Registration pedestal complemented by images of stars and crosses - symbols of baptism by fire and sword, Archangel Michael, who is deputy of Kyiv and shown on the arms of the city, guns, torches as a symbol of education, as well as symbols of fertility. A huge cross that held Vladimir has been equipped with gas lights, to figure was visible at night. Later gas horns replaced by electric lamps.
The monument is the architectural dominant right bank of the Dnieper ravine in Kyiv.