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Church of St. Alexander Ecclesia Catholica St. Alexandri - architecture and places of worship, located in downtown Kyiv on the street catholic. This - one of two Kiev Roman Catholic churches in pre-revolutionary period. The majestic building of classical style, cruciate (square) in plan, with high main dome and two towers at the entrance portico. The oldest of all existing Catholic shrines Kyiv. The temple stands on the south end Mikhailova or Vladimir hill on the corner of catholic and Three.
At times of low buildings and Three Khreshchatyk Street, Church reigned over the city center (now Independence Square, the European area, beginning Hrushevsky Street (formerly Alexander's) and flat).
This place was chosen not by chance: during the ceremonial meeting of Alexander I in 1816 to the year here, at the site of the ancient bastion after King winning a grand illumination was arranged in the form of triumphal arches, if Kyiv visited the emperor Alexander I - the winner of Napoleon. Honoring his Kiev staged on a small area of the former bastion of the fortress then Michael Hill (now Alabama) grand illumination in the form of triumphal arches.
Laying ceremony at the house where once sparkled with lights illuminated, held in 1817, and his dedication - even in 1842. Funds for its construction gave Polish landowners Kiev province at a rate of 25 cents on each slave. The majestic church building, designed by F. Myehovychem in classical style, in terms of the square was the dome at its middle, the two side towers and 4-columned portico that adorned the main facade.
August 30 (old style) 1917 Catholic Kyiv celebrated 100 years since the founding of the church Alexandrov. That day was lunch with the Episcopal Confirmation. City authorities of the Provisional Government allowed to attend the festival to all soldiers Catholics free of dresses and other services.
Soviet authorities defunct parish in 1937 in connection with the Polish question. Room of the house were re-planning, and since 1952 they have housed a planetarium, a branch of the historic library, the Republican House of scientific atheism and other organizations. In last place in 1988 intended to settle the city chess club. However in 1990 the building provided the Catholic community, who returned to her original appearance and now uses it on purpose.